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Coming Events

Coming Events!

Events:  Seminars, Introductions, Private Sessions, Workshops, Small Groups:

Pastor Patti Velotta and the Immanuel Practicum team are taking the good news of Immaunel (God WITH us) around the world.  We are spreading the good news of Jesus through various events including: seminars, introductory teachings, private Immanuel sessions, workshops and small groups.  Pastor Patti has developed a team of leaders, teachers, and providers of the Immanuel Approach called Immanuel Practicum Leaders (IPL).  Immanuel Practicum Leaders work to provide Immanuel just as Pastor Patti has learned and experienced from Dr Karl Lehman. Pastor Patti has worked directly on Immanuel with Dr Karl Lehman since 2003.

Here is a video clip of Dr Karl Lehman talking about Pastor Patti and her ministry:

Call for more information at Calvary Way International Fellowship

These dates are conditional upon number of registrants, so please contact the host/hostess one month prior to scheduled event.

Women’s Immanuel Practicum Small Group – Ongoing
Led by Immanuel Practicum City Leader Linda Evans
Eagle Rock, CA (NE Los Angeles)


The Friday Morning Immanuel Prayer Group, provides a safe place for women to learn about Immanuel Prayer. We gather to grow in intimacy with Jesus and seek healing from anything that has caused a barrier between his heart and ours. Visitors can observe or receive Immanuel Prayer. Those who attend regularly are given the opportunity to coach.

Contact:  Linda Evans

 August 4th – August 5th

Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar

Discover Church
Brooklyn Park, MN
Contact:  Christy Grigor –
Phone:  612-275-9358
Seminar presented by Bob Wieland

August 16th – August 17th
Immanuel Practicum Advanced II Seminar
By permission only
5211 Highland View Ave
Los Angeles CA 90041
Contact Linda Evans –

August 17th – August 19th
Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar
Christ Church Griffith Park,
3852 Edenhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Contact:  Linda Evans –

August 25th – August 27th
Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Faye Verstraten –

September 21st – September 23rd
Immanuel Practicum Advanced Seminar
Details coming soon!

October 4th and 5th
Immanuel Practicum Advanced II Seminar
Salisbury, England
By permission only
Contact: Maureen and Pennant Jones –

October 6th and 7th
Immanuel Practicum Advanced Seminar
Salisbury, England
Prerequisites:  Must have read the book Immanuel: A Practicum  and attended an Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar
Contact” Maureen and Pennant Jones –

October 23rd and 24th
Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar
Contact: Basil & Yvonne de Mello –

October 26th – October 28th
Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar
Perth, Australia
Contact:  Basil & Yvonne de Mello –

November 16th – November 19th
Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar
Dublin, Ireland
Details coming soon!


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