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Testimonies From the Readers and Seminar Participants:

“What an amazing privilege to have my eyes opened up to see the living Jesus through Immanuel Prayer. He is alive and always with me. To see His care and creativity for every detail in my life has been transforming. Seeing Him as He really is has given me peace through troubling times and has helped me to not just cope with life, or just get by, but to learn to live and feel and experience abundant life. I am learning His true character and because of that, I am learning my identity in Him.” – Bob W.

“I have had years of prayer counseling and was not prepared for the depth and power of the healing touch of Jesus when Pastor Patti prayed for me on two occasions. I experienced Jesus like I have never experienced Him before. The fullness of who He is has left an indelible imprint on my spirit.” – Mimi L.

“For years I have been praying ‘Father, I only want to do what you’re doing and I only want to say what you’re saying, and I know it’s possible because Jesus did it and He is our model.’ Sounds good doesn’t it – only I didn’t know how to bring it about. Praise God for Immanuel; this is the key to having that intimate life of sonship with the triune God. As I see Jesus ‘who was and is and is to come’ I don’t have to guess what Jesus would do; I see Him and know. Guess what; He loves it! He so desires that we would come to Him and sup with Him and walk with Him. I am not the person I was because I see myself through the undefiled eyes of love; we are changed from glory to glory as we behold Him. There are not words enough to describe the deep abiding healing and redemption that transforms me through this ministry.” – Linda H.

“After just a few sessions of Immanuel Prayer, I started to see good fruit in my life. I had new depths of peace, strength and trust. I found that my circumstances don’t change but I am changed. I have started to look for and see Jesus in the day to day. He’s really with me! I am learning how He sees me and feel more loved, secure and accepted. I am finding how good He really is!” – Julie W.

“I have been receiving and giving Immanuel for 10 years and I find that I have more freedom, more self-confidence and I’m happier. I have developed the faith and assurance that I can see Jesus, and these results are not just for me. As I am coaching others, it is such fun and brings such joy to watch as He changes lives and brings freedom and intimacy to everyone!” – Suzi D.

“Want to hear something super encouraging? How much healing Jesus has done in me?
These last two weeks I have gone through ALL my stuff in my storage unit – getting rid of FIFTEEN boxes of stuff combined, and in my room five boxes. Much of it was old stuff that USED to make me feel worthy, and old cards and silly trinkets that people had given me over the years to show their appreciation of me. I have held onto all of those for all these years because that is where my worth resided. NOW because my worth resides in Jesus I don’t need that stuff anymore! I have a car full of things to donate, and a excited glint in my eye because I feel so incredibly free!”

“For the past 13 years I have been studying and applying various types of Christian inner healing ministries. Each one had merit and I saw a certain amount of healing come forth but each one rested on the ability of the counselor to hear from God and then lead the healing session. Only with Immanuel does the counselor take on a coaching role, while Jesus leads the entire session as the ” receiver” hears from Him. The counselor/coach simply attunes with Jesus for themselves and with the one receiving ministry as they hear from Him, and does not lead the time at all. Jesus drives, which is awesome. No one else can do what Immanuel does. This is a paradigm shift for the entire Christian counselor community.”
Blessings, Kathi

“The Immanuel Approach has genuinely changed my life. The real and abiding presence of Christ was an unknown to me before this, but I am now able to dwell in the presence of Christ daily.

“I was nervous heading into my prayer time, not wanting to re-hash old and hard memories again. Pastor Patti was calm and compassionate but also direct, and when I found Jesus there with me, he had answers for me that neither Patti nor I could have come up with. I have long struggled with the idea of Jesus as the weak, crying, passive Savior whose presence didn’t change anything for me. As Jesus led us through these old, hard memories I was with him and could watch what he did, how he ministered to my mom and dad in their sorrow, and I could cling tightly to his neck.

There are now a thousand memories in my soul in which Jesus is present and wonderful – and I feel confident in a way I have longed for.”

“The class on Immanuel Prayer gave me the practical tools to use to help others through what I had experienced as completely satisfying in Him. I was able to immediately use Immanuel Approach on my 6-year old daughter as she struggled with nightmares one night. As we gently moved through the first 4 steps, she was able to find Jesus with her. She described him as very big, with very blue eyes. She secretly told him what she needed to say, and reported that his response was, “Do not be afraid. I will not let anything get you.”

I had to keep reminding myself not to reach out and hug her as I lay there with her before bed, or maybe that was the Holy Spirit nudging me not to interrupt her beautiful moment of connecting with her Savior. When she was finished she was ready to go to sleep and, in the morning, reported no nightmares, “because I just knew Jesus was with me.”

My 8-year old daughter has struggled with ADHD and anxiety. Immanuel Prayer was intimidating to her, and our process through the 4 steps looked a bit different, but she found Jesus there with her and immediately her whole body relaxed. The necklace she had been compulsively fidgeting with was now lying peacefully on her chest, her hands gently clasped. She told me she heard beautiful music when listening to Jesus, and he called her by name and said “it’s okay.”

As a mother, these moments ministered powerfully to my heart. I silently cried throughout most of my sessions with my daughters as I witnessed first-hand the healing, loving touch of my Savior on their tender little hearts.

What an intimate, generous and lovely Savior we have in Jesus. – Danielle,  Minnesota


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