Progressive Developments in Inner Healing Approaches

Dr Karl Lehman shares his views on the progressive developments of inner healing approaches over the years.

Excerpts are from his book, The Immanuel Approach (to Emotional Healing and to Life, Chapter 25: Let Jesus Drive. P. 2.
Karl D. Lehman, M.D.

“Furthermore, my assessment from extensive reading, hundreds of conversations with colleagues, 25+ years of clinical experience, and my personal emotional healing journey is that we have gotten progressively better results as we have developed approaches to emotional healing that apply increasingly complete understanding of the underlying psychological and spiritual phenomena.

For example,  we got better results than with the “Jesus, just heal me” approach when prayer ministers in the 1950’s and 60’s helped the person focus on the presenting problem, specifically asked God to reveal the underlying roots, and then explicitly invited Jesus to come with healing into the traumatic memories that came forward.

Positive results increased another notch in the 1970’s and 80’s when emotional healing ministries incorporated more understanding with respect to troubleshooting to remove blockages.

We saw another increase in positive results when Dr. Ed Smith developed Theophostic, which incorporated more understanding regarding the importance of connecting with the emotions in traumatic memories, more understanding with respect to certain processing tasks (e.g., correctly interpreting the meaning of the experience), and another round of progress with respect to troubleshooting. And now the Immanuel approach, with new pieces such as starting with appreciation, establishing an interactive connection with Jesus at the beginning of the session, and making sure to maintain the interactive connection throughout the session is yielding yet another bump in positive results.

My observation is that the Immanuel approach is consistently easier and safer to use, consistently easier and safer to teach, and consistently more effective than any previous approach to emotional healing. It is therefore important that we provide the structure/framework for the Immanuel approach by being adequately directive with respect to the details of the process.”

Immanuel Prayer – The easiest, safest and most effective approach to emotional healing.  Because it is all about intimacy with Jesus.  The healing is a byproduct of the relationship!

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