Immanuel Practicum – Recommended Coaches and Small Group Leaders

I am often asked to recommend a practiced Immanuel coach who will provide several Immanuel sessions to get started or work long term.  Other times I am asked to recommend someone to lead an Immanuel Small Group.  Both Dr. Karl Lehman and I receive Immanuel regularly (weekly or biweekly) in order to be closer to Jesus and to be the best untriggered coach we can be for our receivers.  Those recommended on this list are following our example of receiving their own weekly or biweekly sessions with another Immanuel City Leader (ICL) thereby giving the best to their people. If you have been looking for a coach to receive from, or someone to lead an Immanuel Small Group in your area, I hope this list will help you find someone we know who has been trained in Immanuel Practicum by us. – Pastor Patti Velotta

Most coaches are able to meet for sessions either in person, or via Skype / VSee.

If you would like to connect with anyone on this list, please contact us at
You can also see profiles of most of our coaches here:  Immanuel Practicum Youtube Channel

Janet Beasley – Missouri
Chuck Beasley – Missouri
Joyce Billman – California
Diane Bryant – Oregon
Greg Caldwell – British Columbia, Canada
Shelley Caldwell – British Columbia, Canada
Ellie Carman – England
Melody Carriere – California
Monica Christian – California
Kitty Cramer – Missouri
Bonnie Crossley – Illinois
Suzi DeRose – Illinois
Linda Easter – Pennsylvania
Linda Evans – California
Tana Fairley – British Columbia, Canada
Ananda Faszold – Missouri
Tanya Fleenor – California
Misa Garadaglia – California
Gloria Gee – Washington
John Gee – Washington
Asa Goldschmied – England
Rebecca Goldschmied – England
Vilma Hagler – California
Haleema Harrison – Illinois
Maureen Jones – Salisbury, UK
Molly Kiefer – Illinois
John Kirkpatrick – Missouri
Bill McKay – Missouri
David McKinney – California
Malia McKinney – California
Kate Merkel – Missouri
Rick Merkel – Missouri
Linda Mohr – Texas
Gaylene Neary – British Columbia, Canada
Tom Neary – British Columbia, Canada
Cathy Noa – Missouri
Lynn Newhouse – Missouri
Candice Ottolini – Missouri
Sheri Peebles – British Columbia, Canada
Sharon Phifer – Oregon
Joy Russell – California
Joan Sexton – Kansas
Carol Shelton – California
Amanda Starck – Texas
Dannielle Strassner – Missouri
Persis Tiner – California
Robert Walter – Virginia
Vilia Walter – Virginia
Ed Wardlaw – Hamilton, Canada
Sheila Wardlaw – Hamilton, Canada
Martha Wideranders – Missouri
Bob Wieland – Illinois
Julie Wieland – Illinois

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