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Immanuel Practicum Presenters                                                Immanuel Practicum Presenters – Special Access

So many people are discovering Immanuel Practicum and wanting to share it.  In response, I’ve initiated a new level of participation in Immanuel Practicum called Presenters.

The original term “Train The Trainers” is a misnomer considering where we are now.  Presenters are those who present the Beginning Immanuel Practicum Seminar accurately and effectively.  They are both qualified to present my Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar and are licensed to use my copyrighted material.

I want to provide the training and continued support for those who want to present my material for the Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar.

In the future, I am anticipating writing the manuals laying out the Advanced and Advanced 2 seminars.

Qualifications of the Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar Presenter

As To Left Hemisphere Information:

  • I recognize, cherish and maintain the plumb line of intimacy as Immanuel Practicum’s first and foremost goal.
  • I have read Patti Velotta’s book, Immanuel: A Practicum, (including the appendices) and will reread it at least once a year for the time period I am presenting.
  • I have read Dr. Karl Lehman’s book, Outsmarting Yourself.
  • I have attended all four levels of Patti Velotta’s seminars: Beginning, Advanced, Advanced 2, and Beginning Immanuel Practicum Seminar Presenters.

As To Matters of Modeling and Practice:

  • I have received Immanuel Practicum regularly for at least one year (approximately 26 sessions) from a qualified coach.
  • I am currently receiving Immanuel Practicum regularly at least twice a month from a qualified coach with the heart intention to continue this practice as a life style.
  • I have attended at least two Beginning Seminars taught by Patti Velotta (or eventually by other qualified Presenters) in its entirety.
  • I have attended and participated in at least one Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar Presenter course.
  • I will continue to connect with and learn from Patti Velotta at a minimum of once every two years to make sure I am presenting this curriculum correctly and up to current standards.

As To Matters of Integrity:

  • I will credit Patti Velotta for this seminar/curriculum publically during my Immanuel Practicum Beginning seminars.  I am the Presenter, but Patti is the author.

Dr. Karl wrote the theory and I wrote the practicum based on my experience receiving from him as well as my own expertise and gifting.  This has taken me seven years to author and test out.  You are encouraged to use some of your own experiences and anecdotes, but the substantive elements of the seminar you are using come from me. 

  • I will respect the copyright shown on handouts and pages of both books.
  • I will include a copy of Patti’s Velotta’s book, Immanuel: A Practicum, for each participant who attends my Immanuel Practicum Beginning seminars.
  • I will keep this written curriculum within my exclusive possession and control, that is, not giving it to anyone else to use for presenting seminars.
  • I will not share, duplicate or display in any format including electronic copies of this curriculum for any reason without permission from Patti Velotta.

As To Matters of Right Hemisphere Relational Tasks:

In order to present the Beginning Immanuel Practicum Seminar well, more is needed than just having and using the Presenter’s Manual.  Having learned from the last seven years of working with people through Immanuel Practicum, I know that it is necessary to attain a modicum of observable healing and maturity so as to not to misrepresent Immanuel Practicum or, worse yet, to inoculate your seminar audience against it.  These are some of those abilities:

  • I have or am working on the ability to receive gentle correction and redirection without falling apart.
  • I have or am working on the ability and willingness to address noticed triggers (recognize triggering, take responsibility for it and turn my circuits back on).
  • I have or am working on the ability to work out disagreements with others.
  • I have or am working on the ability to maintain composure when presenting.
  • I have or am working on the ability to know and respect the culture of your audience.
  • I have or am working on the ability to color within the lines by following the seminar content as designed.
  • I have or am working on the ability to handle disappointment appropriately.
  • I have or am working on the ability to wait.

As To Matters of Qualification and Promotion:

  • Patti Velotta will recognize me as a qualified Presenter of the Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar.
  • I will be listed on IPL websites as a qualified Presenter of the Immanuel Practicum Beginning Seminar.
  • Patti Velotta will promote and send me as a Presenter of the Beginning Immanuel Practicum Seminar as needed.
  • Patti Velotta will sell me the Presenter’s Manual including tables of contents showing what to include for the length of time allowed for the seminar and appropriate goals at the cost of $500.00.

I will donate 2% of my seminar proceeds to the brand of Immanuel Practicum.  This money will be used to develop translations of Immanuel: A Practicum and/or other needs for the spread of Immanuel Practicum around the world.

Recognized Immanuel Practicum Presenters

Kitty Cramer – St Louis, MO, US
Suzi DeRose – Libertyville, IL, US
Linda Evans – Los Angeles, CA, US
Maureen Jones – Salisbury, England
David McKinney – San Francisco, CA, US
Gaylene Neary – Prince George, BC, Canada
Lynn Newhouse – St Louis, MO, US
Cathy Noa – St Louis, MO, US
Amanada Starck – Midland, TX, US
Vilia Walter – Chesapeake, VA, US
Sheila Wardlaw – Hamilton, ON, Canada
Bob Wieland – Grayslake, IL, US


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